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Edit text documents and programming code of more than 80 languages
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Notepad++ is an extremely light text editor; however, this does not make it less powerful, because this tool has plenty of features to please even the most demanding users. It can be used for such uncomplicated tasks as writing a note, but also for scripting, coding and web development, which entail much more difficulty.

The graphical user of this interface is so simple that many people would not even guess what it hides under the hood. Yet, it is a pity that, probably because it is made to be so lightweight, it does not look very modern. Luckily, you can use styles to control the way the text that you are editing looks.

Now let us take a look at this application´s features. First, it allows opening various files in different tabs, which is essential when you frequently need to compare texts or merge code. It is also nice that the editor can “remember” files, even when they were not properly saved. Second, it really helps programmers do their job with syntax highlighting and code folding, which you can customized to meet your specific necessities and likes. Likewise, it supports automatic completion of reserved words, functions and parameters. In this respect, it is great that it supports a long list of languages, including C++, PHP, CSS, HTML, Powershell, SQL and XML. Lastly, Notepad++ helps you automate some tasks because it lets you record frequent operation in macros, which greatly reduces repetitive work. Moreover, there is a huge list of plugins that you can use for the same purpose, although, regrettably, some of them can make the application crash.

All in all, Notepad++ can effectively substitute the text editor built in the operating system. It uses very few system resources and at the same time has many more features. Similarly, it can help coders who do not want to use a full IDE. The application is open-source and can be used without any limitations at no cost.

Pedro Castro
Editor rating: ysscloud官网
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Open source
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Notepad++ for Mac



  • Very light
  • Syntax highlighting and code folding
  • Automatic completion of reserved words, functions and parameters
  • Support of multiple programming languages
  • Multiple tabs
  • Customizable styles
  • Macro recording
  • Plugin support


  • Outdated interface
  • Some plugins are unstable
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Guest Great tool

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加速器 It's a very useful app for me in many tasks!

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Dad-L The best text editor.

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